Tribute to SSAR Founders

In 1996, Patricia & Joseph Abrams, founded Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team.  With little more than a dream to save a life, a few dollars in the bank, a small pickup, two puppies they adopted and with the assistance of a few other people (that shared their dream), they started this organization. Out of their own personal family tragedy, they have a longing desire to succeed in their quest to provide this special service to the community. They both have worked countless hours and sacrificed so much to ensure its continued success.

This team was built on the premise of finding the lost, educating the community on safety, and working professionally side by side with all agencies to provide a successful outcome to all missions.

In everyone’s life comes a time when we must make choices to continue endeavors or move onto other aspects of our lives. Pat & Joe made a choice to move on and have retired from the organization. For years, they have prepared this team so that it will continue to thrive even with their departure.

Sarasota K9 Search & Rescue will continue that dream and provide the services so that “those that are lost can be found”.




Our Mission, Value and Vision

Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue (SSAR) are a group of highly trained, highly motivated volunteers and K-9’s.  We are a 501© (3) non-profit, non–government organization based in beautiful Sarasota County Florida.  Founded in 1994 by Patricia and Joe Abrams, the team has earned the respect and recognition from the state of Florida and many Emergency Services, Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement agencies.

Our Mission is to strengthen and assist local, state and national first responders with a professional, well-organized, well trained team that has a strong bond to ensure the safest and most positive outcome to each and every mission.

By partnering with K-9’s to find the lost and by serving the community through educational programs we strive to make a difference in families’ lives.

With tenacity we work so that no child or family has to suffer the pain of abduction and to return those “lost”, back home.